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Dangerous goods-specific texts are output if they are created as phrases in the dangerous goods master and output on a SAPscript form is supported.

You must assign the Structure link phrase sets to the corresponding text fields of the dangerous goods master. If you are in the create or change mode of the dangerous goods master, you can use input help to choose from available phrases.


Dangerous goods-specific texts are always output. However, in Customizing for Dangerous Goods Management you have the option of setting conditions for the output by assigning function modules in the IMG activity Specify Output Conditions and Formatting Methods.

This example describes how you can make settings to output a phrase as a user-defined text depending on the In bulk/liquid indicator.

What To Do

  1. Set the In bulk/liquid indicator in the Basic data 2 view in the material master.
  2. Create a dangerous goods master record.
  3. On the Printed texts tab page in the dangerous goods master, choose a phrase for a user-defined text field (for example, PDGF1). You must have assigned a phrase set for the relevant user-defined text field.
  4. Assign the corresponding function module ( DG50_PRICOND_BULK for example) to the field in the IMG activity Specify Output Conditions and Formatting Methods.


The following function modules are supplied as examples:

For information on which conditions the individual function modules check, see the function module documentation.

To do this, choose Tools ® ABAP Workbench and then Function Builder from the main menu. Enter the name of the function module and then choose Display. Choose Function module doc. to access the documentation for the function module.



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