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The following parameters should be taken into consideration:

Billing Document Type

Use billing document type FX for billing external transactions or create your own.

Control of Document Flow

If you wish to take into account secondary records copied to the sequential file, maintain one of the following pricing types in Customizing under ‘Copying control for billing documents’:


Pricing type



Copy pricing element unchanged


Copy pricing element unchanged, redetermine tax


Copy manual pricing element unchanged, redetermine all others


You may also copy a scale quantity (XKOMFKGN-SMENG) from the interface with pricing type B (new pricing). The system determines scale-dependent prices on this basis.

Condition types

Condition types that are transferred into secondary records must be set up so that

the manual value has priority (manual entry = C).

Pricing procedure

To prevent the material master from being read, make sure that no conditions which initiate reading of the material master are set in the pricing procedure (for instance, costs - VPRS).

Copying control

Copy control 013 in copying control for billing documents at item category level ensures that the customer master block is observed and that records having a billing quantity of 0 are ignored.

Item category

Item categories used in external business transactions must be relevant for pricing and billing.



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