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Until now, you could only use standard interfaces to bill orders and deliveries in the SAP system. With the general billing interface, you can now bill external business transactions.

Data from an external system to be used in your billing process must first be prepared in a sequential file of specified format.

All data necessary for billing can either be made available to you in this way or can be taken from existing master data. Material master data and pricing elements are not necessarily required in the system.

You may decide to work with a CpD customer master record instead of taking data (such as an address) from a customer master.

Pricing elements and/or VAT amounts can be transferred. Alternatively, you can carry out new pricing in billing, entirely or only for taxes.

You can also enter external reference numbers in the interface such as an external delivery or order number. When you create a billing document, the system records document flow using these reference numbers. This allows you to find a relevant billing document by entering an external reference number. Additionally, the system ensures that this number is billed only once.



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