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A lump sum payment is a special condition which does not depend on sales volume but on a promotional performance such as a front of store display or a local advertisement.

The following points must be considered:

Creating a Lump Sum Condition Record

You create a lump sum condition record within a rebate agreement following the same procedure used to create other rebate conditions. When the system asks you for the condition type, you select the condition type for lump sum.

The system will not display the Accruals rate field since the record does not depend on sales volume.

Posting Accruals for a Lump Sum Payment

Since no volume may occur for the condition record, using the accruals rate to build accruals is not sufficient. You will have to post accruals for lump sums manually.

When you post accruals manually, you can determine the exact time when accruals should be posted and which amount. You can post the accruals immediately when the rebate agreement is created or later. For example, you may wish to post accruals once it has been confirmed that the customer actually did the promotional performance agreed upon.

Paying a Lump Sum

Lump sums can be settled:




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