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To carry out partial settlement of a rebate agreement:

  1. In the Change rebate agreement screen, enter the number of the rebate agreement that you want to settle or determine the number by using the matchcodes.
  2. Press ENTER .
  3. Select Rebate payments ® Pay.
  4. Enter the required payments in the field Amt. to be paid along with the condition records.
  5. Press ENTER and check the +/- symbol proposed by the system, correcting it if necessary. The +/- symbol has the following significance:
  6. Negative

    The rebate recipient receives the amount as a credit memo


    The amount is charged to the rebate receiver.


    If customizing limits the amount which can be paid, the system lists the maximum amount per condition record. An error message will be displayed if the payment exceeds this limit.

  7. To display payment information about an individual condition record, select the condition record and press Payment Data.
  8. If you just need to pay the maximum amount for particular condition records, mark the records and select Edit ® Pay max. amount.
  9. The system will transfer the value from the Maximum Amount field to the Amount to be Paid field for the selectedrecords.

  10. Save the rebate agreement.


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