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Credit memo requests and credit memos must be closed before final settlement can be done. To carry out final settlement of a rebate agreement:

  1. In the Change rebate agreement screen, enter the number of the rebate agreement that you want to settle or determine the number by using the matchcodes.
  2. Press ENTER .
  3. Depending on how the rebate agreement types have been configured for your system, you may need to manually release an agreement before you can process it for settlement. To do this, enter the appropriate value in the Agreement Status field.
  4. You can carry out final settlement in two ways:
    1. If you need to change the credit memo request select Rebate payments ® Final settlement ® Automatically.
    2. The system confirms that a credit memo request has been created.


      To make changes to the credit memo request, select Rebate payments ® Credit Memo Request ® Change.

      To cancel a credit memo request, select Rebate payments ® Credit Memo Request ® Reset.

    3. If you would just like to make quick changes to the final settlement amounts select Rebate payments ® Final Settlement ® Using Payment Screen.

    The system shows the final settlement amount in the field Amt. to be paid next to the condition record.

    The system will not limit any changes you make.

  5. Save the rebate agreement.


After the rebate agreement has been saved, it is only possible to change or delete the credit memo request by calling it up as a sales document (Menu path: Logistics ® Sales, then Order ® Change).

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