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To create a rebate agreement:

  1. In the Create Rebate Agreement Screen , the system can automatically propose organizational data (sales organization, division, and so on). If you wish, you can change it here.
  2. Note

    You can also use data from an existing agreement, even one that has already expired, as the basis for a new agreement. To copy data from an existing rebate agreement, press Create w/reference.

  3. Enter the rebate agreement type according to the kind of rebate you want to create (example: a customer rebate - 0003) and choose ENTER .
  4. You reach the overview screen of a rebate agreement. Depending on how your system is configured in Customizing for Sales, the system automatically proposes data, such as the validity period.

  5. The currency is always proposed. Enter the name or number of the rebate recipient and other relevant data, such as the payment method and the customer's reference for the rebate agreement.

The data you have just defined applies automatically to every condition record that you create within the rebate agreement.

You are now ready to create condition records for the rebate agreement.

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