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The invoice list lets you create, at specified time intervals or on specific dates, a list of billing documents (invoices, credit and debit memos) to send to a particular payer.

The billing documents in the invoice list can be single or collective documents (collective invoices combine items from more than one delivery).

The standard version of the SAP R/3 System includes two types of invoice lists:

If you wish, you can process invoices, debit memos, and credit memos at the same time. The system automatically creates a separate invoice list for credit memos.


A payer may be the head office of a buying group, which pays all the invoices for goods that are shipped to individual members. The group payer takes responsibility for paying the invoice lists and then collecting payment from the individual members. In return for these services, the group payer usually earns a factoring or del credere discount.

Depending on the tax structure of the payer's country, the payer may be liable to pay taxes on factoring discounts that he earns. In Germany, for example, factoring discounts are taxed at the standard rate of 15%. During invoice list processing, you can reimburse the payer in advance for this tax liability by creating special condition records.


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