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You must refer to a sales and distribution document, e.g. a delivery or a credit memo request.


  1. In the Billing screen choose Billing document ® Create.
  2. You will reach the screen Create billing document.

  3. In the document column, enter the numbers of the sales documents (e.g. deliveries, orders or credit memo requests), which you want to be billed.
  4. If you need to change data proposed by the system (e.g. you need to use another billing document type), make the entries accordingly.
  5. if you only want to bill individual items and/or partial quantities, choose Selection list. Select the items required or specify the partial quantities for individual items.
  6. Note There is the following prerequisite in Customizing for item selection during delivery-related billing.

    Billing relevance of the item category must have the indicator K.

  7. If you want to change the billing documents created, choose Edit ® Execute to reach Foreground processing .
  8. If errors occur, you can display the notes on these errors in the log (Edit ® Log).

  9. Choose Billing document ® Save to reach Background processing and to create the billing documents.

In this case you have no more influence on the billing documents.

As long as the sales and distribution documents were not incomplete or did not contain any errors, the number of the last billing documents created is displayed.



If errors occur during account assignment and you can not get rid of these, you must cancel the billing documents.


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