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When processing the billing due list, you do not need to enter the individual documents to be invoiced. The system lists the documents to be invoiced on the basis of the selection criteria you enter. It can also combine several deliveries in one invoice.

Process Flow

  1. You select the function for creating a billing due list.
  2. You enter the selection criteria for the billing documents to be created. For example, enter billing type F2, if you only want to create invoices with this billing type.
  3. You then display the billing due list.
  4. The system uses the selection criteria to create the billing due list (a list of sales documents to be billed). You can now process this list, e.g. select some or all of the sales documents to be billed.
  5. You select the function for billing. The system creates the corresponding billing documents for the selected documents.


The following figure shows a case in which the billing documents are only to be created for documents that were delivered by May 15th and whose sold-to party is C1. According to this selection criteria, the system selects the documents to make up the billing due list and creates the invoices when this list is processed.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text



It is possible to process the billing due list as a simulation ‘trial run’. All documents marked for billing will be processed, and the system will display a list of billing documents which it would create. Any billing documents containing errors will be displayed with the relevant processing status.

Log for a Billing Run

If the billing due list was processed previously and you need to know which billing documents were created from this billing due list, you can display the log for this billing run.


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