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The delivery quantity and the order quantity, including or excluding the quantity already invoiced, can be used as reference quantities. You can refer to the fully quantity of all items, or to manually entered partial quantities.


You define the quantity to be billed in the copying control. Copying control is carried out in SD Customizing via Billing ® Billing documents ® Maintain copying control for billing documents, select the relevant activity, Navigation Item, field: billing quantity.


The following cases are defined in the standard system:

Billing Document

Reference Quantity

Based on order

(for example, credit memo)

Order quantity minus invoiced quantity

Based on delivery

(for example, billing types F1 and F2)

Delivery quantity minus invoiced quantity

Pro forma invoice type F5

Order quantity

Pro forma invoice type F8

Delivery quantity

Third party business transaction (Item category TAS)

Ordered quantity or incoming invoice quantity minus the quantity already billed.


You can also carry out order-related billing based on the quantity already delivered. For example, you would do this if you had carried out several partial deliveries and you needed to invoice them even though the total order quantity had not yet been delivered.


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