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In Billing, data is copied into billing documents from reference documents. You can refer to an entire document, individual items or partial quantities of items.

For a delivery-related billing document, for example, quantities to be billed will be copied from the delivery and prices copied from the sales order.


You can redetermine prices in billing documents according to different Pricing Types.


You determine controlling for dataflow in SD Customizing (see below).


You can influence the flow of data from reference documents to billing documents using:

Controlling is carried out in SD Customizing via Billing ® Billing documents ® Define billing types.

the header:

or the item:

Copying control is carried out by the system administrator in SD Customizing via Billing ® Billing documents ® Maintain copying control for billing documents.

You can also use the data transport routines to influence data flow to meet your individual requirements. For example, payment terms can be copied from the customer master instead of the sales document. Controlling for this is carried out in copying control for the item in the field Data VBRK/VBRP.


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