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In Billing, a customer is invoiced for deliveries and services specified in a sales order or a customer may be granted a credit memo because of an incorrect or damaged delivery. For this reason, you create billing documents based on documents created earlier. For instance, you create:

When creating a billing document you always refer to a preceding document. You can either bill the entire document, individual items, or partial quantities of items.


The billing type is determined automatically by the system. This can be changed in the following ways:


The following table shows the reference documents defined in the standard system:

Billing Document

Reference Documents

Billing Document

Sales document or delivery

Credit Memo

Credit memo request

Debit memo

Debit memo request

Credit memo for returns

Credit memo request for returns

Pro forma invoice

Sales document or delivery

Cancellation invoice

Billing Document

Cancellation credit memo

Credit Memo

Invoice List

Billing documents


You can specify in Customizing for Billing for each item category whether billing is carried out with reference to a delivery or a sales order.

The system will automatically suggest a billing type depending on the reference document it is based on.


A standard order (document type OS) is billed with an invoice (billing type F2).


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