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  1. Choose Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Master data ® Transportation ® Routes ® Route schedule ® Create.
  2. In the screen Create Route Schedule: Initial Screen, enter the shipping point and the number of the route schedule.
  3. Note

    If you wish to use data from an existing route schedule as a reference, enter the respective shipping point and the number of that route schedule. If you also wish to copy the itinerary, check the Copy itinerary box.

    Press ENTER .

    The Create Route Schedule screen appears (here the system displays the number you just entered for the route schedule and the shipping point).

  4. Enter the following data:
  1. In the Determine route schedule section, enter the following data:
  1. If you wish to define for this route schedule the itinerary according to which the individual ship-to parties are to be delivered to, choose Extras ® Itinerary.

The Create Itinerary screen appears.

  1. Enter the itinerary and, if necessary, the travelling time.


When you determine the travelling time from one ship-to party to the next, you should include the wait time of the vehicle at the previous ship-to party.


If the same route is planned for several route schedules, define for each of these route schedules the same itinerary that should correspond to the stages and legs of the route.

Choose Goto ® Back.

You return to the Create Route Schedule screen.

  1. In this screen, the Itinerary maintained field is now selected. If you wish to add other ship-to parties, you must also maintain the Itinerary for them.
  2. Check your data and save your entries.





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