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The route schedules are determined by the following conditions:

· Shipping point

Where are the goods coming from?

Where are the goods going to?

How are the goods being shipped?

Which goods are shipped?

® For example, which type of goods?

When are the goods to be shipped?

If you do not explicitly enter the week and the year, the entry applies for each calendar week. If you enter a week and a year, the route schedule only applies for this week.


You can only use route schedules if you have maintained the working times and therefore at least one of the following times in minutes:

· Transportation planning time

· Pick/pack time

· Loading time

· Transit time

A route schedule can leave the warehouse exactly once in a week. If a route schedule runs several times, either on several days or several times a day, it must be copied to another route schedule.

Special schedules and public holiday weeks are possible.




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