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Implementation Options

Picking is always carried out from a particular storage location. This means that if a delivery item is relevant for picking, a storage location must be entered in the delivery.

The item category of the delivery item determines whether the item is relevant for picking and whether a storage location must be specified. For example, text items are not relevant for picking and you do not need to specify a storage location. Control over item categories can be set in Customizing.

Process Flow

Since the information necessary for specifying a picking location is not available when the order is entered, the person responsible for processing sales orders cannot usually make a decision about the picking location. This decision is left until the delivery is created at the shipping point.

There are two ways in which the picking location can be specified:

  1. It can be determined automatically when the delivery is created and then entered into the delivery item.
  2. For further information on this, refer to Determining the Picking Storage Location Automatically

  3. You can specify it manually in the delivery item.

For further information on this, refer to Specifying the Picking Storage Location Manually.





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