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When changed deliveries are saved to the database, the system automatically creates change-documents. In this document, the system records changes to header or item data, partner roles, status, and to management data.


You can call up this function from the delivery in change or display mode, similar to the display of the document flow. You can also call up the function on the initial screen for shipping.


You can display a list of the change-documents in an overview screen or in a detailed view organized by items. You can change the scope of display and the sort criteria on the list screen at any time. Item number, name of processor, and date, however, can no longer be changed on the list screen. To change this data, you must return to the initial screen.

You can sort the overview list by time of change or by items. On the detailed view, the changes are already sorted by items and - within the items - by time of change. This sort sequence can no longer be changed. You can also call up a statistics overview in which you can choose particular objects or change types for display. For example, you can display only the item deletions or only the additions to the document header.

You can also display change-documents pertaining to the delivery that have already been deleted.



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