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You can create outbound deliveries without referring to an order. This function is designed for activities such as the R/2-R/3 Link or for when order processing is carried out on another system. When you create a delivery without reference to an order, you must enter the ship-to party and the materials manually. Data is copied into the document from the appropriate master records. The system does not check whether the data is complete. Therefore, you can create a delivery without specifying a delivering plant or a storage location, for example.


To create an outbound delivery without referring to an order, proceed as follows:

  1. From shipping, choose Outbound Delivery ® Create ® Single Document ® Without Order Reference.
  2. The initial screen for creating outbound deliveries appears.

  3. Enter the shipping point and choose Delivery w/o ref. for the delivery type. Then enter the sales organization, distribution channel and division in the Sales area data section of the screen.
  4. Choose Enter .
  5. The outbound delivery overview screen appears.

  6. Enter the ship-to party and all outbound delivery items and their delivery quantities. Enter further header and item data, if necessary.
  7. Save the outbound delivery by choosing Outbound delivery ® Save.

As soon as the outbound delivery is saved, you receive a message that contains the outbound delivery number.






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