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Items in delivery groups can be combined in the sales order to synchronize their delivery. You will receive a warning message when creating a delivery for a sales order if all items belonging to such a group cannot be delivered. If you then create deliveries using a delivery due list, all orders whose delivery groups cannot be completely delivered will be ignored in this process. In this case, the log supplies all appropriate information. If the delivery quantity is changed or if such an item is deleted in a delivery item belonging to a delivery group, you will receive a warning message. For further information on delivery groups, refer to Structure link Combining Sales Document Items for Delivery.

In addition, the system will carry out a quantity correlation for groups of items when they are classified together by one of the following requirements:

If the order structure arose from a bill of material explosion, the relations in quantity of the items is based on component quantity. If this is not the case, it is based on the relation of the order quantities. The system does not correlate items classified as having fixed quantities.

When creating deliveries, the system automatically carries out a quantity correlation. If you change a higher level item’s quantity, the quantities in the dependent items will be adjusted on all levels if necessary. When you change a dependent item’s quantity, the system generates a warning message. When you delete a higher level item, all subordinate items are deleted as well. When you delete a dependent item, the system generates a warning message. If the dependent item contains a quantity to correlate and is the main item of a batch split, you receive a note. You must decide manually for which batches the quantity change is to take place.



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