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Implementation Options

When a delivery is created, data is copied from the master records or preceding documents. By using the delivery type, you must indicate whether the delivery is to be created with or without reference to a sales document.

Process Flow

Creating Without Reference

When you create a delivery without referring to a preceding document, the system copies the following data into the document from the appropriate master records:

If necessary, you can also change or add to data proposed from the master records.

Creating with Reference

In this case, you create the delivery for a particular order or an outline agreement. Data is copied from the preceding document into the delivery. The following figure illustrates how the system copies data from the order into the delivery.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


Order items that are due for delivery and have identical shipping criteria are entered in one delivery. Shipping criteria may include the ship-to party, the shipping point, the Incoterms, or the route. If several schedule lines exist for one item, the system only includes the schedule lines that are available and due for delivery in the delivery document.






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