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The user interface for processing deliveries gives you the following advantages:

Since the new interface works with flexible tables, you can tailor screen appearance to your needs even during processing. You can change the width and sequence of the columns as you see fit simply by dragging them with the mouse. You can also save various display variants.

Tab pages are an important element of the interface. They represent a file of index cards and make the interface easier to use. Each tab page has a title that is always visible. By simply clicking on the tab page title, you can move a tab page to the front of the stack and begin editing it.

This tab page method of organization allows related data to be displayed in one place despite limited screen space.

Shipping data generally appears on the following three screens on which multiple tab pages can be found:

You can switch quickly from one screen to another by using icons.


Tab pages are arranged according to delivery process, which makes it easier to figure out which of the three overview screens you should switch to in order to find the data you are looking for.

The stage that the processing of a delivery item has reached is displayed on the Status Overview tab page on the Overview screen.





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