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Free goods are discounts in the form of goods delivered free of charge. A free good can be subordinated to another item or it can be a main item in its own right. If you enter a sub-item in a standard sales order, the system treats it automatically as a free good, providing that the corresponding material has the item category group NORM.


To enter a free good as a sub-item, proceed as follows:

  1. Enter the material number of the free goods directly under the higher-level item.
  2. In the second entry line, in the HgLvIt field (higher-level item), enter the item number of the higher-level item
  3. Choose Enter.

Various dialog boxes requesting header data can appear at this point. This occurs if, for example, you have defined several ship-to parties or unloading points in the customer master record of the sold-to party. If an availability check determines that stocks are insufficient, the system displays a screen containing delivery proposals.

After you have provided all the necessary information, the overview screen reappears. In the standard version of the SAP R/3 System, the system automatically assigns the item category TANN to the free goods item.

Entering Free Goods Subsequently

You must enter a free goods item directly below the higher-level item. If this is not possible, perhaps because you decided on the free goods after you created the sales order, you can use the change function (Sales document ® Change) to insert the free goods item at a later point. The change function enables you to enter an item number that the system will automatically insert directly below the higher-level item.

Changing the Quantity of a Higher-Level Item

If you subsequently change the quantity of a main item, the system automatically adjusts the quantity of the subordinate free goods item in proportion. However, if you want to prevent this, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the free goods item in the overview screen and choose Goto ® Item ® More functions ® Structure.
  2. Select the Fix indicator next to the UoM field.

If you change the quantity of the main item, the quantity of the free goods now remains fixed.

Entering a Free Goods as a Main Item

If you want to enter a free goods item as a main item, change the proposed main item type TAN to TANN.



If you work with free goods frequently, we recommend that you use automatic free goods determination. You can find more information in the Basic Functions and Master Data in Sales and Distribution document under Structure link Free Goods.


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