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You can assign an inspection specification manually:


If the sample size has already been calculated for the inspection lot, you must reset the sample calculation before you can assign another inspection specification to an inspection lot.


The following procedure describes how to assign a different inspection specification to an inspection lot that already has a specification assigned to it.

  1. Choose Logistics ® Quality management ® Quality inspection ® Inspection lot processing ® Inspection lot ® Change.
  2. The initial screen for changing an inspection lot appears.

  3. Enter the number of the inspection lot you want to change.
  4. Choose Enter.
  5. The screen for changing the inspection lot appears.

  6. Choose tab page Inspection specs.
  7. The information for the inspection specification appears.

  8. Choose Edit ® Choose task list/spec.

If only one inspection specification has been assigned to the material, the specification is automatically copied into the inspection lot.

If several inspection specifications have been assigned to the material, the system displays a dialog box from which you can select a specification.

  1. Save the inspection lot.


If you save an inspection lot without assigning an inspection specification to it, the system cannot calculate the sample size and you cannot record results or make the usage decision for the inspection lot.

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