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You can use the Document Relationship Browser (DRB) to display linked objects or documents.

This usually involves documents that were created for a common business transaction or that relate to the same process. DRB groups the documents cross-application.

In the DRB, typical documents for Accounting and Logistics have been included plus documents for the workflow and IDocs . The DRB covers all documents so that access to archived documents is also possible.

You can find additional information about the DBR in the applications under:


All of the object types (documents) have been included in the DRB so that all DRB functions are available for archived data.

With the DRB you can even follow process chains or business transactions that are distributed across several systems. This applies both to the determination of linked documents and displaying them.


The DRB functions include:

You can find additional information under Introduction to the DRB.



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