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What is ArchiveLink?

ArchiveLink is a service integrated in the SAP Web Application Server for linking archived documents to application documents entered in the SAP system.

This content-related linkage guarantees simple and long-term access to documents. You can display a stored document directly from the screen of the corresponding application document. You can also use attributes to search for documents. This replaces time-consuming work processes such as copying originals, searching for transaction-related information, and so on.

For more information, see the Structure linkArchiveLink documentation.

Scenarios in Applications

The subsequent sections of this documentation describe the integration of ArchiveLink into the various application components of the SAP system. The documentation describes the standard software. Within the individual components, it is sometimes necessary to make Customizing settings to connect to ArchiveLink. This application-specific Customizing is described for each SAP application component.

The individual storage scenarios are structured as function descriptions and generally contain the following sections:




Business background
(this section is sometimes separate from the pure function description).

You learn which application scenarios SAP ArchiveLink supports, which employees are involved and the advantages and simplifications offered by SAP ArchiveLink.

This information is enough to give you a first overview of the storage scenarios.


  • Technical implementation

You become familiar with the document types and the corresponding technical document classes that form the basis of the scenario. You discover which object types and link tables are used.

This information is particularly useful if you are planning to enhance or change the scenario.

  • Preparation and Customizing

The settings that are necessary to adapt the scenario to the specific requirements of your corporate structure are described.

The settings described are scenario-specific and usually complement the SAP application component Customizing.


This section describes the technical and business connection of the scenario to the R/3 application and how the corresponding application functions are called.



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