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The postprocessing options allow you to set error thresholds and influence the system's automatic error corrections. In addition, you can limit the run to specific materials through the use selection parameters.


You are in a costing run.

Choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Product Cost Controlling ® Actual Costing/Material Ledger ® Actual Costing ® Edit Costing Run.

Choose Parameters to branch to the variant maintenance of multilevel price determination.

Process Flow

Activate the postprocessing options with Process ® Show Postprocessing Options.

In the Postprocessing Options screen, you can limit the run to specific materials, plants, valuation types and costing levels.

In the threshold values screen, you can disqualify the threshold values as errors and maintain the parameters for automatic correction of these errors by the system. With a one-way level, the error can be automatically removed through reduction of the actual BOM. With a cycle, it can be removed by cutting the entire cycle (see automatic error correction by the system).

Normally, none of these automatic error corrections are switched on.

For information on calculating threshold values, see Threshold Value Check.

In the Negative Price screen under Automatic Error Correction, you specify how the system handles this error. Here, you can specify whether the error should be corrected through a cost estimate with the alternative price for a one-way level and through the cutting of all connections for a cycle (see Automatic Error Correction by the System).

As a default, the cost estimate with an alternative price is turned on for the one-way level.

In the No Convergence With Cycle screen under Automatic Error Correction, you specify whether the individual connections of the cycle/cycles should be cut successively.

As a default, this error correction is turned on.


If you close the postprocessing options again, all settings are returned to their default values.




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