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Negative prices appeared in multilevel material price determination, or a specified threshold value was exceeded. The following tools are available for manual error analysis:


You are in a costing run.

Choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Product Cost Controlling ® Actual Costing/Material Ledger ® Actual Costing ® Edit Costing Run.


Analysis of the Log for the Costing Run

  1. In the costing run, analyze the log for multilevel material price determination.
  2. Display the materials for which negative prices or threshold value excesses appeared in the message log for multilevel material price determination.

Caution Note that followup errors appear as a result of the faulty material price determination: If a faulty material is used as an input material for another material, no prices can be determined for the material in which the faulty material is used. Ignore the followup errors.

Analysis of the Error Document

You can analyze the faulty materials in the following:

Individual Postprocessing - Correction Postings:

First concentrate on the materials for which you can make correction postings.

Check whether you must do the following:

Make the correction postings.

Repetition of the Costing Run

After these measures, carry out the costing run again.



If no errors or warnings appear after repetition of the costing run, all materials have been costed with the desired threshold value. If threshold value excesses appear again and you don't want to accept these, have the system issue an error message and use the procedure for automatic postprocessing of errors.

Caution  In this case, you must reprocess all materials in the second run so that any followup errors caused by threshold values being exceeded are properly accounted for and calculated.





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