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You can use authorizations to protect the functions in the component Actual Costing/Material Ledger. The following authorization objects are relevant to this component:

You can find authorization object S_TABU_DIS in authorization class Basis - Administration. You can find the other relevant authorization objects and their definitions under authorization class Controlling.


The following table gives an overview of the use of authorization objects:

Authorization object

enables you to do the following


For specific plants:

  • Change prices
  • Display price change documents
  • Mark and release prices
  • Debit/credit materials


For specific material types:

  • Display material ledger data
  • Perform and post single-level price determinations
  • Change price determination


For specific plants:

  • Display material ledger data
  • Display material ledger documents
  • Create costing runs
  • Perform and display a selection of materials in a costing run
  • Perform multilevel price determination (in addition, you need object K_ML_MTART for all materials)
  • Allow and perform price determination and closing entries
  • Change price determination


Release standard cost estimates
Change prices


Prepare data for the material ledger in the context of production startup


See also:

The document BC - User and Authorizations under Structure link Overview: Creating and Maintaining User Master Record.




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