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The preparation of data for production startup of the material ledger can not be reversed.


If you have worked with the material ledger in your production system prior to Release 4.0A, please read 0081463 in SAPNet.


  1. Choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Product Cost Controlling ® Actual Costing/Material Ledger ® Environment ® Production Startup. ® Set Valuation Areas as Productive.
  2. Enter one or more plants.
  3. Enter an exchange rate type if you want to translate the current inventories into multiple currencies and valuations using an historical exchange rate or average exchange rate for production startup of the material ledger. This exchange rate type must first be defined in Customizing under General Settings. Next, the currency exchange rates with which production startup should translate the local currency are set up for the exchange rate type and multiple currencies and valuations. This exchange rate type and this translation are only used for production startup.
  4. When you enter an exchange rate type, the currency translation takes place in accordance with the settings for additional currencies in Customizing for Financial Accounting. If the currencies set in the material ledger vary from the currencies in Financial Accounting, the system translates using the average rate.

  5. Choose the method of processing.
  6. If you want to receive a detailed log, or if you must edit large amounts of data, it is best to run the program in the background.

  7. Choose Execute.
  8. Check the results in the log using System ® Own jobs.


Master data

The system does the following:

If you want to use price determination 3, you can change setting 2. See the following for further information:

Transaction Data

The system does the following:


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