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Certain prerequisites in Customizing must be met in order to valuate a material using the material ledger:


  1. Check the following indicators and fields in the material master record (of the material) in the Accounting 1 view:
    1. ML act. (material ledger active)
    2. Price determination
    3. Price control
    4. Valuation class
  2. Check the following fields in the material master record:
    1. in the Accounting 1 view, check the Future price field in connection with the Valid from field
    2. in the Costing 2 view, check the future planned price.

    These fields can contain prices that you can activate upon price determination.

  3. Check the detail display of the view Material Types in Customizing under Logistics - General ® Material Master ® Basic Settings ® Material Types ® Define Attributes of Material Types.
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