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Mobile Data Entry supports the packing and unpacking of materials into/from HUs. The HUs may be assigned or unassigned:

        Unassigned handling units (free HUs)

It is possible to create HUs without reference to a document. You assign the material items and the packaging material to this HU. The packed material is posted to a storage location. The HUs created here are HUs with inventory management information. If the storage location is warehouse-managed, stock information will also be created.

You execute packing and unpacking of unassigned HUs via the Pack and Unpackmenu options.

        Handling units assigned to a delivery

Packing is part of delivery and shipment processing. During delivery processing, you can select the delivery items that you would like to pack and assign them to handling units. If the incoming goods are stored in a handling unit-managed storage location, it is mandatory to pack them.

You execute packing and unpacking of assigned HUs via the Goods Receipt and Goods Issuetransactions.


You can create default packaging material for a warehouse in Customizing for Handling Unit Management Basics Warehouse Management Define Control for Automatic Creation of Pick HUs.


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