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Report that compares two manufacturing orders (product cost collectors or manufacturing orders).

The reporting time frame can be cumulative or limited. This report belongs to the report category Object Comparisons.

Two orders are compared with each other on the basis of cost elements.

Planned and actual costs can be compared with each other in Product Cost by Order.

In Product Cost by Period, only the actual costs of two product cost collectors can be compared, because no planned costs are updated on product cost collectors.


This report does not show planned costs for manufacturing orders that are assigned to a product cost collector. Although a preliminary costing can be carried out for these manufacturing orders, the planned costs are not updated to the manufacturing order.

Data Displayed

Header Information:

The header shows you the following for each comparison object:

The report can be displayed in the following currencies:


You should normally choose cumulative values. Note that there is no conversion of values to the planned or confirmed quantity.

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