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This report shows a list of defined summarization hierarchies in the following areas:

From this list of the summarization hierarchy you go to the hierarchy graphics for summarization. This report belongs to the report category Object list.

The object list for summarization hierarchies offers you all summarization hierarchies in the current controlling area. Choose a hierarchy and go to the hierarchy graphic.

The hierarchy graphic offers you predefined views with the associated figures. You can adapt the standard figures to your own particular requirements. Create a layout with the figures you are most interested in. For information on the procedure, see Creating, Changing, and Managing Layouts.


List of Summarization Hierarchies

The following values are displayed in the list of the summarization hierarchies:

Hierarchy Graphic

The standard hierarchy graphic offers you the following views and figures:

You can access the following field groups when you define your custom layout:

The report can be displayed in the following currencies:

You can also choose the reporting time frame in the report.


From the hierarchy graphic you can go to reports with the original cost elements. The data is displayed with the Structure link ABAP List Viewer.




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