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The results list of order selection can be used to analyze master data and key figures in a number of ways. You use the layout in the selection screen of the report to control which fields are displayed in the results list. The standard system contains layouts that use only some of the available fields. You can also create your own layouts according to your requirements. You can indicate these as initial variants that will be set as default values when you call up a report. You can save your layouts as user-specific or shared. If you donít create the layout as a user-specific layout, it is also available to other users. However, you can only save shared layouts if the Shared indicator was selected under Control Parameters in Customizing for the Information System.

Key Figures

The key figures for the structure of the results list are predefined according to field groups. The following field groups are available:

You can display these key figures in controlling area currency, company code currency, and object currency.

Master Data

You determine the master data to be shown in the results list in Customizing for the Information System. The following fields are available to you for this selection:


However, you should select the fields in Customizing that you want to use later as display fields in your results list, since all the selected fields must be read when executing a report from the database.

If you select With classification chars. in the report selection screen, the classifying characteristics will be extended for every order for which classification is active when you execute a report. You also have user-defined characteristics available for the classification as display fields for the results list.


Do not transport or import layouts in which user-defined characteristics are used as display fields. If you want to use corresponding layouts, you must create them again in the productive system.


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You can find information on the procedure during the creation of layouts under Creating, Changing, and Managing Layouts.


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