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Report that compares two material cost estimates on the basis of the cost elements.


You can compare two material cost estimates with each other on the basis of the cost elements by comparing the cost elements with each other. The system creates a cost element itemization dynamically from the itemization of the cost estimate. This cost element itemization is not saved.

The following conversions are made:

If you don’t specify a lot size, the system uses the lot size of the first cost estimate. The conversion process proportionalizes all cost elements.


You can display different key figures in the report. To do this, go to the desired view from the report display with Goto ® Other Reports.

You enter the desired cost component view (cost of goods manufactured, cost of goods sold, or inventory valuation) in the selection screen in the report parameters.

The report can be displayed in the following currencies:


You access other reports from within the report, such as:

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