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Report variant of the Analyze Costing Run report that gives you an overview of all materials that were costed in the costing run.


You use this report to receive a listing of the costed materials with information concerning the status of the cost estimates as well as the cost estimate value.

Enter the necessary parameters (for example, name and date of the costing run, and the desired cost component view.) in the selection screen.

You can further limit the display of the costed materials of the costing run by, for example, selecting according to cost estimate status or plant. In this way, for example, you can generate a list of all the materials that were costed with errors in a costing run or a list of all materials of a plant.


In the standard system, this report shows the following information:

If you, for example, only want to display the materials that were costed with errors, you can use the filter function. You can modify this report to suit your requirements by creating a layout.


From the report, you can display the cost estimate for each material and call up the following reports:

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