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The component CO-PC-IS (Product Cost Controlling Information System) provides an extensive and powerful range of reports for the following areas:

You can use the Information System to evaluate the data generated in the respective components. The information system provides reports for both standard and specialized analysis purposes.


The information system is a part of Product Cost Planning, the application component Cost Object Controlling, and Actual Costing / Material Ledger.


The standard setup of the Product Cost Controlling Information System is a structured report list from which you can choose the reports you need.

The standard reports provided in the R/3 System are presented in a structure predefined by SAP. You can change this structure to suit your own needs, and add your own custom reports.

The documentation for the Product Cost Controlling Information System is oriented around the structure of the SAP menu. This ensures easy access to the desired information in the documentation, as navigating through the documentation mirrors navigating through the menu.

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