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You have created a conversion proposal.

Display Details

  1. Double-click on the This graphic is explained in the accompanying text icon (field name of the field in the screen of the transaction) to display the detailed information about the transaction field.
  2. Double-click on the icon for the target field to display the detailed information for the field from the target structure and the way the field assignment was determined.

Saving a Conversion Proposal

  1. To save a conversion proposal, choose Conversion Proposal -> Save.


You have the opportunity to store this conversion proposal under a different name.

You can also change the conversion proposal (adjust the conversion proposal) and store different versions of it.

Other Conversion Proposals

If you have created conversion proposals with the same recording for a business object or the corresponding data transfer program, BAPI, or function module, you can display these and switch to a different conversion proposal.

  1. To switch to a different a conversion proposal, choose Conversion Proposal -> Other Conversion Proposal in the menu. You can choose a conversion proposal from a list.





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