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The Logistics (LO) work center is represented as an external object in the Human Resources (HR) entity relationship model (organization model). The Work Center Integration interface enables you to create relationships between LO work centers and HR organizational entities (such as HR organizational units and HR work centers). You can also create HR work centers in Logistics (LO).


The organization model is replicated by ALE from the HR System to the LO System, where it is evaluated locally. HR work centers created in the LO System can also be replicated from Logistics to HR.


You must use ALE to replicate the organization model from the HR System to the LO System.

To create an HR work center in Logistics, use internal number ranges. Before replicating data, you must compare the internal number range of the HR work center in LO with the internal number range of the HR work center in HR. Data is distributed in both directions, which means that the numbers must be discrete and must not overlap. If numbers overlap, they could be overwritten when data is replicated.


Call up the R/3 library and see PP - Production Planning and Control ® PP Work Centers.


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