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When defining shifts within Logistics (LO), the Daily Work Schedule at Logistics Work Center interface enables you to use daily work schedules from Time Management, which constitutes part of the Human Resources (HR) application component. You can use this data in Logistics (LO) to schedule orders and determine the available capacity of a work center.

LO customizing table TC37A (Shift Definition) includes references to HR tables T550A (Daily Work Schedules) and T550P (Break Schedules).


HR daily work schedules are evaluated locally in LO using replicated customizing data.


HR daily work schedules and break data must be read locally in the LO System. For this reason, HR Time Management customizing tables T550A and T550P must be replicated in the LO System using ALE.


Call up the R/3 library and see LO - Logistics - General.


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