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You use this function if your supply storage location is managed by WM and you want to transfer components from this storage location to the production storage location that is MM based.

In this procedure the system transfers the components directly when the kanban is set to EMPTY. This transfer posting leads via the MM-WM-interface to the creation of a transfer requirement in WM.

NoteIn this process the inventory posting takes place first of all, followed by shipment. Therefore you must carry out a manual correction in case the quantity posted does not match with the quantity actually shipped. You can avoid this costly procedure by using the function Replenishment from WM Based Storage Locations .


Standard Procedure

The status change EMPTY is accompanied by a transfer posting. This creates a transfer requirement which has to be converted into a transfer order either automatically or by the warehouse manager . The transport request must be confirmed when the delivery has taken place (e.g. via barcode). By confirming, the status of the kanban is set to FULL. It is not possible the other way around - you cannot set the status to FULL and thus trigger the confirmation. If the status is already FULL, the confirmation of the transfer order has no effect on the kanban status.

You can print kanban data on the transfer order.

Separate Goods Receipt

If you do not want the status to be changed to FULL when the transfer order is confirmed, you can use the separate GR indicator.

See also Separating the Status Change from the Goods Receipt Posting.

Independent Supply Source

Here, the delivering storage location posts the transfer. This means that the transfer posting is not automatically triggered by the status change to EMPTY. In this situation, the delivering storage location has to use the kanban board.

See also Independent Supply Source/Separation of Status Change and Replenishment.








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