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You use this function if you want to transfer components without any previous reservation. When the kanban is set to EMPTY this automatically triggers a transfer posting.


You have created a relevant replenishment strategy (in the SAP standard, strategies 0002 and 0004 are used) and you have put this in your control cycle.


Standard Procedure

No reservation is created when the kanban status is set to EMPTY. Instead, the goods issue is posted directly at the delivering storage location and the goods receipt at the consuming storage location. Here, the information required for the goods withdrawal at the delivering storage location is recorded in either the kanban (card) or the kanban board. The kanban can be reprinted at the delivering storage location. Once the material has been delivered, the demand source sets the status to FULL. This does not lead to any material posting.

The function ‘separate goods receipt’ should not be used with this process.

Independent Supply Source

If the supply source posts the transfer for the material instead of the demand source, you can use the "independent supply source" function. If you use this technique for a control cycle, the kanban receives the status WAIT when reported empty by the demand source. Here, the supply source uses the "replenishment" function to post the transfer. At delivery, the demand source changes the status to FULL. This status change is linked to no other functions in the background.

NoteIn this process you cannot manually change the material posting.



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