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You use this function if you want to provide components using stock transfer with reservation.


You have maintained a replenishment strategy, which provides a stock transfer with reservation (in the SAP standard system, replenishment strategies 0001 or 0003 are used) and have copied this into your control cycle.


Standard Procedure

On setting a kanban to EMPTY a reservation is generated from the supplying to the receiving storage location. The material is transferred with reference to the reservation and transferred to the receiving storage location. The transfer posting automatically sets the kanban status to FULL or, on the other hand, the status change to FULL automatically triggers the transfer posting.

Separate Goods Receipt

The status change and the goods receipt are separated. This means that when the kanban status is set to FULL, it does not lead to a transfer posting. Nor does the transfer posting for the reservation automatically trigger the status change to FULL. The operations have to be posted separately.

Also read the section Separating the Status Change from the Goods Receipt Posting.




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