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In this strategy, the replenishment elements are first created in the planning run and are used by the vendor for information purposes. Replenishment is controlled in KANBAN with the help of the kanbans (cards). No replenishment element is created as a result of the kanban signal. The procedure with scheduling agreements is recommended for external procurement with kanban control.


Depending on how your system is set, purchase requisitions or schedule lines are created in the planning run. The order quantities depend on the lot-sizing procedure you use. Basic dates are used for scheduling.

When the kanban status is set to EMPTY, the kanban (card) is sent to the vendor and is used as a sort of JIT delivery schedule for the schedule lines or the purchase requisition. Therefore, in this strategy, the kanban is printed to inform the vendor of the quantity required. On the other hand, in replenishment strategies where the kanban signal triggers replenishment, the printout of the purchase order and not the kanban (card) is used.

When the material is delivered, the goods receipt and the kanban status change to FULL must be carried out in two separate steps.



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