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You use this function if you use production orders for processing in-house production. When the demand source sets the kanban to EMPTY, the system creates a production order for the supply source for the kanban quantity.


You usually used forward scheduling when working with KANBAN. The production order type delivered with the SAP Standard System has the key PPK1 and contains all the necessary settings.

To determine backward scheduling (for event-driven KANBAN), enter the standard production order type PP01.

In the order type, you maintain the automatic selection of the routing as well as a selection ID for automatic determination.

You make these settings in Customizing for Production Orders under Master data ® Order ® Define Order-Dependent Parameters. These allocations are already available for the standard order types.

The advantage of this process is that you have the option of a preview, you can plan components and you have up-to-date data available for the kanban calculation.


  1. You set a kanban to EMPTY or you create an event-driven kanban.
  2. The system creates a production order that (depending on the settings in Customizing) is automatically released and printed.
  3. The empty kanban or the information is transferred to the supply source.
  4. Once the order has been completed, the supply source backflushes the quantity produced. In Customizing, you can link the backflush to the goods receipt posting. Here, you have the following options:

Note that you should not set the kanban status to FULL manually but you should always execute the backflush for the order first which sets the kanban to FULL automatically. However, if you manually set the kanban to FULL, then as a consequence the goods receipt is posted twice, both on setting the kanban to FULL and then later on the order backflush.

To avoid this set the error type ā€˜Eā€™ for message CO823 in Customizing under Shop Floor Control ® System Modifications ® Define Attributes of System Messages ® System Messages.

This sets the status of the the kanban you set to full manually to ERROR and therefore the goods receipt is not posted twice.

If the goods receipt is created before the backflush, the system sets the kanban status to FULL, but the backflush is not carried out automatically. Then if the backflush is carried out, the system recognizes that the goods receipt has already been posted and does not post a second goods receipt.


The costs incurred in production are posted to the production order.

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