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Using the error display function, you can instruct the system to display various existing errors and you can also delete the corresponding error messages.

To access the error display, proceed as follows:

  1. Starting from the main KANBAN menu, select Evaluations ® Error display.
  2. The system displays the initial screen of the error display report.

  3. The following selection criteria are available:

Demand source; limitations

Replenishment strategies; limitations

Enter the selection criteria and select Execute.

The system displays a list of the error messages based on your selection criteria.

Display Options

In the error display screen, you can view the following information:

Processing Options

The following options are available for processing the error display:

To do this, select Edit ® Delete messages ® All until the...

The system displays a dialog box where you enter the appropriate date.

Enter the date and select Continue.

The system deletes the error messages you selected.


The error is not solved automatically simply because you have deleted the error message.

To do this, position the cursor on the appropriate line and select Goto ® Kanban correction.

The system branches into the kanban correction screen.

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Kanban Correction.



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