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  1. Starting from the main KANBAN menu, choose Control cycle ® Print kanban.
    The system displays the initial screen of the report.
  2. If you want to print kanbans and they are to be printed on a central printer instead of the one set in the control cycle, then enter the required printer in the field Output device.
  3. Enter the plant in which the kanbans are to be selected.
  4. Define the appropriate criteria for the selection. You can save these criteria as a variant as you can for every report.
  5. Press Execute .
    The system displays the results of your selection.
  6. In order to print all of the kanbans in the control cycle chosen, select all control cycles and choose Print kanbans.
  7. To select or display individual kanbans per control cycle for printing, choose Kanban list.
  8. To display data for a kanban, you have to first of all display the kanban list. Then position the cursor on the appropriate kanban and choose Display kanban or double-click the kanban.

To display the master data of the control cycle, position the cursor on the desired control cycle and choose Goto ® Display control cycle or double-click the appropriate control cycle.






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