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In the following paragraphs, the various options for printing and circulating the kanbans (cards) are described. The form for printing the kanban is determined in the replenishment strategy.


Single kanban print

The kanbans (cards) are only printed once or they are printed for replacement purposes using the Create control cycle and Change control cycle functions. The same kanban is used over and over again. The following options exist:

Kanban (card) reprinted for every control cycle run

The kanban is thrown away at the end of each control cycle. Here, you have the following options for reprinting the new kanbans:

With in-house production or for stock transfer, the kanban is printed at the supply source. This means:

It makes sense to print the kanban at goods receipt for external procurement with central goods receipt. If you work with a strategy where the GR is carried out automatically in the background as soon as the status is changed to FULL, then do not use this print control technique. The kanban is printed when a GR is posted for a purchase order or a production order (or a stock transfer reservation) using the GR function in Inventory Management. This means:

Exception: kanbans printed by vendor

The data required to print the kanban is passed on to the vendor in the purchase order. Settings as in single kanban print.





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