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  1. Proceed as follows: Select Control ® Backflush.
  2. The system displays the initial screen for backflushing.

  3. Enter the following data:

The system proposes the current date as the posting date. The system uses this date to determine the bill of material for the assigned planned order.

The system proposes the current date as the document date.

If you enter a plant and a material, you can also specify a supply area (demand source) as well as a person responsible (supply source).

Instead of the plant and the material you can also enter a control cycle. This clearly defines the demand source and the supply source for a material. If you enter a control cycle, you do not have to enter further data.

  1. Select Continue.
  2. The system displays the backflush screen.

    The system displays the selected kanbans for backflushing.

  3. To backflush, you must select the kanban in the column Backflush.
  4. If applicable change the quantity to be backflushed in the field Actual quantity.
  5. If you also want to change the components in the withdrawal BOM, then select the column Components.
  6. The system then displays the same dialog box as in the Repetitive Manufacturing backflushing function.

  7. Save the backflush.


In kanban backflushing, you cannot post backlogs as the postings for KANBAN are not based on a run schedule header.




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