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If you use manual kanbans or if you use the procedure with planned orders (with and without MRP), you backflush using the backflushing function in the KANBAN menu. This is a special backflush with reference to a cost collector. As the kanban is set to FULL, the system automatically posts the goods receipt for the finished product and backflushes the goods issue for the components.

If you use KANBAN with production orders, you must use the backflushing function in the Production Orders menu.

Implementation Considerations

In order to be able to backflush a material procured by KANBAN, you must have maintained the KANBAN master data (e.g. control cycle, supply area).


This function is integrated both in the repetitive manufacturing menu as well as in the KANBAN menu.


If KANBAN is carried out with MRP, the run schedule quantities are backflushed with reference to the kanban and reduced.



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